Half Term!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday I am going to my Great Great Aunties 100th birthday party. On Sunday I am going to Iris’s 10th birthday party.On Monday I am going to Shaun The Sheep day at Wallington. This is my Dad’s only day off. At some point in the week I will be going to the park with Marco, because my Mam is friends with his Mam. On Thursday Anya is coming to mine for a sleepover and on Friday we are going out for lunch with Anya’s family.I don’t know what I am doing for the rest of the week. But I will probably go out shopping with my Mam and things like that. I might even see some other friends of mine.

By Erin


What I like to do when I’m at home

When I’m at home I like to do a few things which I am going to tell you about now.

1. I like to play with my sister, she likes to play a few games such as dolls, dancing and board games but, her favourite game is mums and dads which is actually quite annoying because I have to play it with her everyday. Sometimes though we have lots of fun on the trampoline in the back garden.

2. I like to play at the park with a few of my friends from the estate, (There’s a park at the top of my street.)  At the park we play tag and we do obstacle courses;  there  is also a big field with goal posts, in the field we play football, hide and seek tag, bulldog  and sometimes if someone brings a ball there’s quite a few ball games to play.  Beside the field there is a muddy hill with trees to climb on, (we climb on them all the time.) On the hill there is a small forest that is so much fun to adventure in. Sometimes we just play in the street or on my trampoline.

3. Sometimes I just sit in my bedroom playing on my iPad or my 3ds, in silence. On my iPad I either play games, go on the blog site or text my friends.

4. Sometimes if I don’t feel very energetic I just relax on the sofa and watch a bit of TV, or my sister puts some music on and does a performance for me, (which are usually really weird and she does them very rarely.)

I do quite a bit more but I think there’s too many to tell, so I’ll see you soon on my next post. Bye


In the Half-Term me and Anya had a sleepover at my house. She got to mine at 5’0 clock and stayed till 2’0 clock in the afternoon the next day. When she got to mine we went straight upstairs and got the I-Pads out. Then we got my Playmobil  out and made an animation about kidnappers at a swimming pool. It was really funny. After that we got into our onses (wansees.) Anya’s onses was a leopard and mine was a rabbit. My Mam called us down for tea so we did. We ate cheese and tomato pizza, garlic bread, six Pringles and  white chocolate Magnum. For drink we had apple and blackcurrant juice. We watched a movie with our tea, about a flee from Paris it was really weird. Then we went back upstairs and played The Game of Life. After this we got into bedtime shorts and tops because we were to hot. We had hot chocolate to drink which was yummy.  While we drank, we watched one episode of So Awkard off CBBC. (We watched it on I-Player on Anya’s I-Pad Mini.) My Mam and Dad went to bed and we talked. I got out my DS and took selfies. (Our I-Pads had been put away to charge up.) We played truth or dare, I had to gargle the currant number 1 in the charts and Anya had to do impressions of our teachers. (We got the truth or dare game out of Go Girl a magazine.) Then we talked about the Next Step on CBBC. Afer that it was Midnight!!!!!!!!!! We crept out of bed and ran to the stairs. We got our sweets and drinks and headed back to bed. For the next hour we ate, Flumps,little figure sweets,chomps, Minions. Drank water and juice. Watched another episode of So Awkward and had fun. About five hours later we woke up. We finished the game of life (I won!!!!!!!!!!) Then we made an advert about a sleepover bundle you can buy at shops. (It’s not real by the way.) Then we had breakfast, Croissants and Pain-au-chocolat. After that we got dressed and played a spy game. Then we went to the Hungry Horse with Helen Anya’s Mam and Sylvie her little sister. While we were there we made a video star to Bang Bang. Then we all went back to our different houses. On the way back we jumped in puddles and got wet it was poring with rain. Then we danced in front of the school gates. I had a really good time.

By Erin.


Sporting Achievement





Last Month we took a group of children to the Newcastle Schools Cross Country Championships – and it was hugely successful.
there were some outstanding individual, and team performances.
In the year 3/4 girls race Milly finished 4th and Francesca finished 20th. The 3/4 girls team finished 10th, our highest ever finish.
The 3/4 boys race was very competitive, Johnny finished an excellent 14th place – with the boys team finishing 14th Overall, again a very good performance from all.

The year 5/6 boys race saw Wesley come in a fantastic 10th place, with Matthew only 9 places behind in 19th. The boys team finished 6th overall – our best result ever, by a distance.
The year 5/6 girls had a particularly successful race, with Lucy finishing 10 and Niaomi 16th. The girls team finished an amazing 4th Overall, missing out on a medal by just 6 points.
Well done to all who took part – our performances in sporting events are improving all the time – a direct result of the fabulous work Mrs Hales and all the staff are doing in PE lessons.

Well done again to our fabulous runners;
5/6 Girls; Lucy, Niaomi, Ruby, Alishia, Caitlin, Casey.
5/6 Boys; Wesley, Matthew, Morgan, Jack, Joseph, Daniel.
3/4 Girls; Francesca, Milly, Scarlett, Georgie, Destiny, Megan.
3/4 Boys; Johnny, Lewis, Max, Josh, Shay, Eddie


Hello Connor here and I’m going to talk about pokemon. It’s very fun to play and there is altogether 721 pokemon and to get them you have to catch them or trade with someone to get special pokemon like legendaries. At the start of your game you get to choose a starter pokemon which is a grass type, a fire type and a water type which evolve at certain levels and your goal is to beat the champion and train your pokemon to level 100 (their max level) . When your in the wild you can capture pokemon and train them so there stronger.

thats it for now bye.

I want to go to a party!

I want a to go to a party  where I have lots of  friends there to play with. I  would be dressed as Anna with a beautiful dress and black high heels.Everyone would say I look lovely! Everybody would want me to be my friend.  I would eat pasta bake and ice cream. I wish I could go to a party ! What would you say  if you were there?




My Bank Holiday Weekend!

At the weekend I went to Essex to see my little cousins, Emilia who’s 2, Martha who’s 1 and their Mum and Dad, Richard and Jenny. On Saturday morning we got on a train at the Central Station. I watched a DVD called “Mamma Mia.” On my DVD player. Then we got to King’s Cross,London. After that, we got on the Underground,(which was mainly over-the-ground.) That took us to Liverpool Street Station. On this train I played “Curious Town.” On my DS. After and hour, our train stopped at Manningtree,Essex. My Auntie Jenny came to pick us up in my Uncle Richard’s car. My family and I drove through an old village, until we got to their bungalow. When we got there Emilia and Martha were playing and eating some food. Me and Emilia played with a toy farm for ages, while Martha tried to destroy it. Then we got a house tour. There was: The Porch, The a Dining Room, The Kitchen/Playroom, The Bathroom, Emilia’s Room, Martha’s Room, The Guest Room, Uncle Richard and Auntie Jenny’s Room, The On-Suite and The Living Room. Then Uncle Richard, Emilia, Martha, Mam, Dad and Me all went to the park. Auntie Jenny stayed at home for a rest.


County cup

Novos my rugby team are doing a big rugby cup this weekend iam very excited because Iam  getting new rugby boots  I need all of the surpot I can get  my target for try’s is around about 10  Iam looking forward for the weekend because my big sister Lauren and my sisters boy friend is coming as well  so it will be a good day  and on Monday I think recovery session is going to be going to sleep and play Xbox and go outside and play football.

My Time in Florida the final parks…

And a special lazer show.

The last parks consisted of Epcot and Magic Kingdom both disney and Universal for their show.


We made it to Epcot minutes after opening which would turn out to be helpful. The main ride Test Track was a 50min wait soon to turn 90 after we went on. What your do is create a car and test it around the track. You face an opponent as well. I won in power and responsiveness. Next we took a train like thing called a monarail to Magic Kingdom. We only got a chance at two rides and they were both disappointing. We left straight after to avoid the crowd of people and went back to Epcot. We sat down for a while went on a few rides for younger kids before going on the test track one more time before going home.

The Show:

We didn’t get the best of spots but nevertheless it was still amazing. 100 years of Universal films. Horror, action, drama, good vs evil, and comedies.

I’ll be back at school on Thursday so see you guys then!!

What I like about school

I love school. There is many reasons why and that is what I am going to talk about today.

English/guided reading: This lesson isn’t great but it really helps me out. I enjoy the reading (sometimes, depending on what book it is.) But I mostly enjoy big write and I have no idea why, probably because I love writing. The other reason I like English is because of the people on my table although sometimes a certain one or two of them can get really annoying.

Maths: I love maths although sometimes, it can get a bit difficult. And again, I like the lesson because of the people I sit with, they are funny, sometimes serious and I really enjoy sitting with them. In maths I learn loads of new things like how to times and divide decimals, add fractions and much more. This lesson is one of my favourites and has really helped me improve.

Topic: This lesson is usually great fun but sometimes I really just don’t get it. In the years I’ve been in this school I have learnt loads of things in topic about the Victorians, rainforests, and World War 2 (WW2) I have also learnt a lot more but that would take quite a while to tell you them all. Right now our topic is home and at first I didn’t think it would be great but it’s actually a really fun thing to learn about, I especially enjoyed making the poems, they were great.

Science: I love science and it is one of my most favourite lessons because every time, you learn something totally different and new. In science you use lots of different objects and can test many different things, in science we work as a group and it usually works out quite well.

P.E: This lesson is definitely the best because I really enjoy doing sports. In P.E, we get to go outside, we do lots of different things such as: dancing, hockey, gymnastics, rounders, running and lots more. This lesson is great because you have to use teamwork and it gives you practice for things that are coming your way. P.E is the Best!

Well, that is all the lessons I can really think of right now, so that means it’s time for the end of this post. I will be back soon though with another post, and who knows what it’s going to be about, because I have no idea either.